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Scrum Kickoff

  • Get introduced to the new way of working with product development in an Agile, iterative and effective manner
  • Get a general overview of the Scrum framework in theory and practice
  • Understand the use of Scrum in product development & management
  • Reap the business benefits of Lean-Agile, iterative product development
  • Start your journey working with and learning about Agile and Scrum


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What you are going to learn

Start your Agile journey

Scrum is rapidly becoming the global tool of choice, when companies building digital products need a new way of working.

If you work with digital products as a manager, stakeholder, Scrum team member, customer or supplier, you will eventually come into contact with Scrum and need to understand how it works.

Scrum is built to solve the challenges that come with building complex solutions. If you are starting on the Agile journey, this course is a good first step.

Who will benefit most from this course?

  • People with limited or no experience and knowledge of Scrum, or who want to find out if Scrum and Agile can open new perspectives for their work and career
  • People who need a brush-up on Scrum before starting work in a Scrum context
  • Managers and other stakeholders who need to factor Agile and Scrum into the way their organization works.

Please note:

The course is not meant for certification but to familiarize you with Scrum and enable you to work in a Scrum setting. While it may increase your ability to pass open Scrum assessments, it is not accredited by any certifying institution. See the Learning Objectives.

If you need an official certification, we recommend the PeopleCert Scrum master I (PCSM I) course here at the academy.

Sample module:

Watch a full free module from the Scrum Kickoff course right here:
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Throughout this course you will discover how Scrum teams can: 

  • optimize the delivery of Business Value
  • balance planning with flexibility, get fast feedback and perform course corrections
  • improve collaboration, knowledge-sharing, productivity, quality and process integration
  • achieve better clarity, transparency and stakeholder relations
  • become more engaged and empowered by using Scrum

What is included?

Get access to the experience of an Agile trainer and consultant, who has worked with digital product development in startups and major corporations, in the public and private sectors and across many industries, from finance to media and even gaming.
  • 5 hours of video for self-study at your own pace
  • Sprint Events interactive simulation
  • Self-assessment in each course section
  • 100+ flashcards  for the Quizlet app
  • A reading list for further exploration of Scrum
  • A LEGO Scrum Game for live team training
  • Live monthly course kickoff
  • All the slides  in PDF
  • Weekly Q&A remote sessions
  • Final exam with feedback
  • Access to premium remote 1:1 Agile coaching sessions
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Course Lessons

Our unique Scrum simulation

Get an interactive taste of a Sprint at Agile Ice Machine Inc. This is a view into some of the challenges faced by a real Scrum Team, not an idealized scenario. Meet the Product Owner, the Developers and several stakeholders during a Sprint in the daily life of the team members. You play the role of the Scrum Master, and help them navigate the Scrum events and the complex dynamics around them.
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100+ flashcards for Quizlet

 We use state-of-the-art microlearning technology from Quizlet to supplement traditional e-learning for all our courses. In the course, you'll find a link to download the accompanying flashcards to your Quizlet app or access them in your web browser.
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Christian Triantafillou Schade

Agile Leadership Consultant, writer, Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer (RTE)
About your trainer
Christian is an Agile practitioner, seasoned project manager, accredited Scrum & DevOps trainer and leadership consultant. He is now bringing his expertise and unique view of Agile, modern leadership and related disciplines such as Scrum and DevOps to the students at the Corporate Revolutionary Academy, which he has co-founded.

Christian is highly experienced and has worked with:
  • Building, training and coaching Scrum teams and scaled Agile setups
  • Roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Director, Agile Director, Release Train Engineer (RTE), Agile Excellence and Leadership Consultant, Agile Coach
  • International and local Danish corporations
  • Startups and large corporations
  • Public and private sector organizations
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • High-risk projects and project disaster recovery
  • Agile and classic project and portfolio management


"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager
"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my student discount?

1. Apply for a student discount with the relevant form.
2.During the signup process, you can attach a photo of your current student card or similar documentation.
3. If valid, we will mail you a discount code for 50% to be used during course enrollment.

Don't enroll in the course before receiving your discount code, or you will have to pay the full price. We usually respond with a code within 24 hours.

Why is there no certification included in this course?

The Scrum Kickoff course is meant to introduce you to Scrum and enable your further journey of leaning about and working with Scrum. It contains both formal Scrum theory and Scrum-related topics, that are not strictly a part of Scrum, as well as a lot of the personal experience of the author. The purpose ins not to enable formal certification.

The course does include en exam and a certificate of completion, it just isn't accredited with any accrediting institute.

If you are looking for a formal certificate, we can recommend the PeopleCert Scrum Master I course also available in our academy.

Why do I need to pay  for the online Coaching sessions?

The course gives access to three kind of live online guidance and training:
  • The monthly intro session for the course. The course is discussed and any related questions are answered by the trainer. While this is not mandatory, it definitely is a good place to start the Scrum Kickoff. This is free for enrolled learners
  • The bi-weekly Q&A, where your trainer answers questions across all our offered courses, this is free for enrolled learners
  • Individually booked premium coaching sessions, these have a cost associated with them
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