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of the future

The world is changing at break-neck speed. Leaders and organizations need to be able to adapt to that change and adopt new ways of working, thinking and organizing.

The ability to handle constant change and complexity is becoming the most important skill for many managers.

We are a part of the corporate cultural revolution and offer training, assets and services to assist you on the journey.

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  • Learn how to change organizations with a revolutionary leadership toolbox of world-class methodology
  • Agile, Scrum, Red Teaming, DevOps and other modern leadership methods are everywhere - make them yours
  • Become a part of your organization's journey towards greater business agility

Relaunch in June 2023

The Corporate Revolutionary Academy is under re-construction. New partnerships are being implemented, content is being rolled into place on the virtual factory floor and sparks are flying.

Be informed when the Academy is ready to accept new students who want to change the world through revolutionary management.
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Upcoming courses


Benefits of our training programs

Higly flexible learning paths, focused on usefulness, involvement and mastery.

Learn how to transform

Understand the mindset, benefits, pitfalls and requirements of Agile transformations and greater Business Agility.

Enable Agile Leadership

Learn Servant Leadership at the director level and understand how leaders are key to more Agile organizations.

We are here for you

Professional, personal, continuous customer service is our key to success.

Designed by experts

Our courses and toolboxes are created, verified and continuously updated by experts who have real-world experiences to share with you.

Learn at your own pace

Use the online training modules along with live events - when it fits your schedule. Access short-form content when commuting or looking for specific guidance.

Supported by services

We offer supplementary leadership coaching sessions, implementation services and guidance through the Corporate Revolutionary X consultancy.
optimized online learning

Mixed course structure

For accredited courses, we use mixed online training. The combination of live instructor-led sessions and pre-recorded modules gives you the benefits of interactive sessions and the flexibility of self-paced learning.
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Training Services

Virtual, hybrid or onsite-training

Personal Digital Learning

Our online training and coaching services are offered globally. We offer self-paced pre-recorded training modules combined with regular live events. Join our community, follow your own path or a use a guided leaning flow.

Learning snacks

Discover the leadership toolbox through full courses or unique 10-min focused short session for mobile or stand-alone use.

Book a physical course

On-site training is offered continuously in continental Europe. Join an open course or book a private event for your organization.

Get updated

An annual subscription offers you access to all existing and new courses as well as all live events. Onsite trainees gain 1 year free subscription. (External certification costs not included).

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Get notified about new courses, updates and services.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign up for an annual subscription?

NO! You are very welcome to sign up for one course only. The annual subscription is a service that offers you full access to alll courses, events and materials - excluding personal coaching sessions and external certification fees.

Are your certifications recognized?

We offer a mix of our own Corporate Revolutionary certifications and externally accredited courses with optional certifications from recognized industry-leading partners.

What if the student is dissatisfied with the course?

Generally, we have happy clients. We offer trials and samples to ensure that the tone, style, level and content fits you. If your are in doubt, please use these resources to evaluate your decision about joining a course. If you change your mind during training, we may offer a partial refund, but external certification fees cannot be refunded. Completed courses are not refunded.
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